You Are A Writer (Tribe Press, 2014)

If you are a writer, or ever desire to be, then you need to read this book by author Jeff Goins. Jeff makes the process of becoming a writer as simple as it needs to be. It isn’t complicated at all, and Jeff encourages the writer in you to come out. You can read more from Jeff at his website

8 to 15: The World Is Smaller Than You Think (Oikos Books, 2011)

In 8 to 15 Tom Mercer tackles the most basic mission of the church, reaching those who are not yet believers in Jesus Christ. Building upon the premise that each of us has a unique world we are called to reach, our “oikos” group of 8 to 15 persons, Tom details how we can go about changing “the” world by engaging “our” world.

Transformational Coaching (Xulon Press, 2005)

If you are interested in using the power of relationships and conversations to help others reach their potential, then you should read this book. Joseph Umidi discussed the skills that effective coaches possess and use to aid others in understanding their call and fulfilling their potential. I first read this book as a part of my doctoral coursework, but have returned to it time and again.

Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity (Penguin Books)

Once a week I try to share something that pastors and leaders can benefit from having in their toolbox. These are books, apps, programs, and other things that I have read or used, and found beneficial to me in both ministry and life. This week I want to highlight David Allen’s book Getting Things Done. This book is a national bestseller for good reason. David Allen’s GTD system is used by many to increase productivity and reduce stress in both their personal and professional lives, by getting the needed information out of their heads and into a useable management system. A system that definitely aids in “getting things done.” While I am not yet the most rigid follower of David’s system (I am getting better though), I can absolutely say that this is a book worth reading. If you begin to implement the system outlined in the book you will see the myriad things that clutter your mind and time in a whole new light.